Madness over chia seeds

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Madness over chia seeds! chia seeds 1Everybody is talking about the health benefits of chia seeds. These seeds are tiny in size and come from the plant Salvia Hispanica that is native to Mexico and Guatemala. They became known to North America a few decades ago and have become increasingly popular in the UK.     

On the hunt for the perfect snack!

Written by Big Diet Project. Posted in Diet

thCAJM44KMYou have probably heard this many times already, but it really is true:

Regular eating, which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as 2-3 small snacks per day, helps in maintaining a healthy metabolic rate, reduces food cravings and helps you to stick to a healthy and nutritionally balanced diet.

However, even if people are following a regular meal plan, they still find themselves feeling ‘peckish’ and craving foods at certain times of the day. If this applies to you, then the answer is to add more healthy snacks to your diet.