1) A free assessment to establish your needs, followed by a consultation to discuss your options and design a programme that is specifically tailored to you and your lifestyle.

2) Assignment to a personal weight loss mentor who will be available by e-mail whenever you need their support.

3) Selected reading materials based on need.

4) A weekly e-mail from your mentor to check on your progress and record your weight.

5) Ability to chat online with other members who have similar concerns as you.

6) Free access to our online recipe library and the ability to upload your own recipes for other members.

7) A monthly newsletter for motivation, inspiration, diet and exercise support.

8) Ability to upload your own photos and share your success with other members.

Body Blitz

tummy An intensive 3-month plan designed to help you lose weight quickly, while sustaining a healthy and nutritionally balanced diet. This program is ideally suited to people who want to look good for a special occasion (e.g. weddings, holidays, etc.)
All for only £50 (55p per day)

Lifestyle Change

tummy An intensive 6-month plan designed to help you make lasting changes to diet and exercise. This program is ideally suited to people who need to avoid further weight gain.
All for only £100 (55p per day)

Lifestyle Overhaul

tummy An intensive 18-month plan which includes 12 months of weight loss plus 6 months of weight maintenance.This program is best suited to people who need to make lasting lifestyle changes in order to achieve and maintain a healthy weight and prevent the risk of disease (e.g. diabetes, hypertension, joint disorders and heart disease).
All for only £250 (46p per day)

Weight Maintenance

tummy A support service for people who have lost weight through The Big Fat Diet Project, or alternative diet and fitness programmes as well as bariatric surgery. The weight maintenance programme is designed to support clients who have reached their target weight and provide them with skills to keep it off for good.
50p per day (reduced price for advanced payments)
Please note you are free to move between programmes depending on your needs.  You may, for example, start off on the body blitz package and then decide to move to lifestyle change, before signing up for a period of weight maintenance.  These options can be discussed with your mentor.