Why are so many people struggling to control their weight in a society that is obsessed with diet and exercise?

We live in a world where cheap, unhealthy food is available in abundance and advances in technology have led to mass inactivity.


Dieting is often unsuccessful because we are drawn to quick fix fad diets that reduce our metabolism and make us even more susceptible to weight gain.

The government guidelines for daily calorie intake can also lead to weight problems because they are designed for people who are moderately active for 30 minutes every day.

At The Big Diet Project we have revised the government guidelines to provide an eating plan for different levels of physical activity.


We believe in treating everyone on an individual basis because the "one sizes fits all" approach to weight loss does not work.

we will:

1) Match your diet to your exercise level

2) Ensure your diet contains the correct balance of carbohydrate, protein and fat

3) Provide expert support on a range of psychology, nutrition and fitness concerns